What is vedantiNET

The first and foremost high bandwidth high profile Fiber Optic Cable Metro Area Network of Eastern India in Guwahati. The project delivers network based services at the highest level of integrity and reliability

Premium  Services

The technology, functionality, services and operations have been envisaged at international level yet at reasonably affordable limit. Institutions are brought into an inter-networking environment facilitating internet gateway and a plethora of video, voice & data services.


The promoter company is SM Computer Consultants Pvt. Ltd. located in Guwahati, is ISO 9001-2008 certified with more than 25 years of experience and expertise and is one of the pioneers in IT business, research, consultancy and data center operation in NE India.



 * Complete data handling including EDP, Software Development, Report generation, Analysis and Forecast.

 * Data sorting, validation check, distribution and security control for both magnetic and stationary media.

 * Total on-site corporate training on Office automation, Executive management, Administrative and Basic operation, advanced programming, Implementation in office environment, Systems setup, Systems maintenance and Productivity analysis.

 * Systems Design and budget control.

 * IT consultancy on project development, implementation and stability.

 * Multimedia authoring, field video capture, dubbing, editing, movie production and post-production activities.

 * Web authoring, archives & study of references, budgetary analysis, implementation, hosting, video web casting, marketing & promotion, web business forecasting and interlaid services.

 * Sales, Services & Maintenance of hardware, implementation of software, manpower training, procurement of associated office equipments for computer activity, networking installation, installation management for optimum productivity and related services.

 * Fundamental training for students in educational institutions including hardware installation, preparation of course materials & distribution, training to school instructors for self-development, supply of software, textbooks, conducting examination and certification and conducting Virtual Class training programs.

 * Field data acquiring, manipulation, statistical analysis, delivery of computer data, reports and justification.

 * Distribution of network services and the Internet over Fiber Optic backbone facilitating 10gbps data transfer to over 50000 connected users in the city of Guwahati.




The company is an authorized Internet Service Provider (ISP) for Guwahati Telecom district and is registered with Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), a Govt. of India undertaking and is also ISO 9001 certified. It is now a 25 year old pioneer in data centric operations in eastern India.

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Broadband Internet

VoIP Telephony

Virtual Class room





Video conferencing

Video- on- demand

Live video web casting





On-line matrimonial

On-line placement

Social Networking


24/7 streaming radio





City monitoring

Data Warehousing


On-line software dev.













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